How it all began…

In an email from Leeetz to Gulez…

Since we chat so much, i thought we could have a blog and post:

1. snippets of our chats
2. pics of stuff we want to show each other (like we do now)
3. about the stuff we are watching (kdrama, ravens games, TV)
4. about stuff we are cooking
5. other stuff like knitting, your stationery obssession, hoarders, money msg boards, etc.

2 Minutes Later…on GChat

Gulez: LOL i totally had a feeling it would be that!!! lets do eeeeet
Leeetz: lol
why did you think it was that??!!
Gulez: yes its a symptom of chatting 23×7
Leeetz: lol
maybe that should be the subheading
Gulez: lol that is prob more accurate

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