Anthro revisited (already?)

Just can’t stop bulking up my Anthro wishlist! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to stop by a store tomorrow to see if I can see any of these in real life.

These first two seem like perfect layering tees! (Um, expensive layering tees…)

Foliage Fancy Tee – $58 Love the lace cutouts, and both colors! But the material looks really thin (good for layering, but bad for maintaining?), and the white is probably super duper sheer.

Through the Clouds Tank – $68 This slub cotton material looks more substantial than the last tee. Would be cute peeking under cardis.

Prized Bloom Blouson – $228 So pretty! I love the little X detail by the neckline! Sometimes these blouson tops make me look even bigger though, so I’d have to try it on. Also, $228 is just too much.

These next ones should have made it on my Ruffles Overload post. They are kind of over the top and borderline ridiculous, but I can’t help it — I kinda sorta love them.

Settling Petals Cardi – $168 Had to show this in both beige and red colors – gorgeous! They look so cute on the models, but carry a high probability of looking like voluminous messes on me. I still want to try, though!

Sweeping Frills Sweater – $128 This one has even LESS of a chance of working out on me than the last one because it’s a pullover and not a cardigan. Some reviews also say that it is pretty short in real life. But hey, girl can dream…

Great Heights Shift – $148 I never wear dresses, but I love this! An ode to my favorite city in dress form! Can’t you just picture it with a pair of colorful tights?

Outside in Loungers – $58 These are a little frivolous, but they look so comfortable and the bow is so cute. So perfect for lounging around on the couch, doing nothing on those lazy Sundays (ahem, case in point: I feel like my life would be SO much better if I had them on right now).


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by leeetz on January 18, 2010 at 11:10 am

    lol, i love how your second – anthro, shopping, wishlist – post made the tag and category clouds EXPAND.


  2. Posted by gulez on January 18, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    i know, they are our most POPULAR and used tags. lol.


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