Apple Cinnamon Pancakes with Apple Compote

Occasionally, on lazy weekend mornings (or a holiday Monday), I am inspired to make breakfast.  Weekdays typically consist of oatmeal, cereal or toast so it seems a treat to actually be able to make a morning meal.

I actually had applesauce, apples and real maple syrup, so pancakes it was.   Aunt Jemima (the Complete mix) made it extra easy.  This was the first time I remember having real maple syrup.  Is it just me, or it doesn’t seem as maple-y as the fake stuff??

I usually cook all willy-nilly, without measurements.  But since we’ve created this blog, and I’d like to record successful cooking attempts, I’ve jotted down what I did, below the cut.

The  Pancake “Recipe” (in quotes, because really, all I did was add applesauce)

1 c. Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake Mix

3/4 c. Water

3/4 of an individual applesauce snack pack (about 1/4 cup?)

Instructions: Put all ingredients into a bowl, stir only until the dry mix is incorporated and the big lumps are gone.  Heat skillet.  When hot, use cooking spray (or butter!) to lightly coat surface.  Pour 1/4 cup of the mix on the hot skillet.  When the pancake surface is covered in bubbles, it is ready to be flipped.  Once the bottom is cooked (10-15 seconds), the pancake is done.  *I usually use two small pans instead of one big one.  This way the pancakes are all cooked quickly and are all still warm.  If making a big batch, keep in warm oven (at 200°) until ready to eat.

The Compote “Recipe”

1 small apple, cubed

1 small pat of butter

1 tsp of sugar

sprinkle of cinnamon

remainder of the applesauce

Instructions: Put all ingredients in a microwavable bowl.  Nuke on High for 2 minutes.  Taste test.  If the apples aren’t soft enough, nuke again for another minute.  *I think the “right” way to make this would be to sauté with butter in a pan.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by gulez on January 18, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    that looks delicious!! lol i have been leery of the aunt jemima complete. when i was home, my mom asked me to pick up pancake mix, and i spotted the complete that said you only had to add water. i was like, what?? no!! so i got the regular one. then my mom asked why i didn’t get complete and she didn’t have enough milk and eggs on hand. so no pancakes for me!


  2. Posted by leeetz on January 18, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    haha, i was too – so my newest box is the other kind of mix! but the complete is nice to hav, because like you learned…no need to have milk or eggs on hand.

    I probably couldn’t tell if there’s a taste difference between the two.

    buttermilk pancakes from scratch are awesome but such a pain and i ended up with TONS of leftovers. maybe if we ever do a group brunch…


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