I’m no polka dot bikini girl…

HA, sometimes it’s kind of hard to come up with a title!

Though we’ve got a good 2 months of winter left, I have swimwear and sun dresses on my mind!  I’m already looking forward to Jamaica, celebrating and sitting pool side at our very own villa and am on the lookout for suits different from what I already own.

I paid a virtual visit to Anthro and it seems that their current collection of swimwear is 50s-inspired.  Totally not my style and I can’t imagine how a high-waisted bikini bottom would look – I’m assuming it would accentuate any pooch there is – or would it be like Spanx?  Hmmm.

I really like the twist bandeau top of the Wild Watermelon Two-Piece but that bottom is so high-waisted its almost like one of those corsets that go from your hips to the bottom of your boobs. I also like the top of the Stacked Odds Bikini, and would totally wear the bottom if the waist was cut just a bit lower.  The Bit-of-Sun Bikini is included in this show-n-tell because not only does the top really look like an undergarment, the bottoms look like granny panties, yikes.

A couple of the Anthro one-pieces caught my eye, and I think they’d be cute pool-side:  the Lake Ripples Suit and the Showstopper Maillot but at $168 and $258, I doubt I’ll even be trying them on.

The swimwear search continues…

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by gulez on January 27, 2010 at 1:38 am

    seems like you’d need a pretty long torso to pull off high-waisted bottoms. the stacked odds pattern is really cute.

    the bottom two are cute, but lake ripples looks like something straight out of jcrew, and showstopper would yield weird tanlines. 😛


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