Leeetz Operation Meal Plan (LOMP): 2/1-2/4

This week will begin my last semester of graduate school and is light on the cooking to accommodate night classes on Wed and Thurs.  I will probably continue to cook dishes with large yields on Sunday so that  we can have leftovers on Wednesday.

ban chan leftovers (spinach & stewed beef) and rice
egg drop soup

mac & cheese
– sautéed broccolini with garlic

– beef & vegetable soup (from Sunday)

– TBD.  This could end up being cereal…depending on how late class gets out and if Pooh is eating at work.

Same with Gulez, Fridays are often happy hours/going out/too tired to cook, so I won’t be planning those.  Neither will I be planning the weekends because who can think that far ahead?!


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