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Superbowl Sunday supper

Not quite your normal Superbowl Sunday fare, but I have a very nearly-empty fridge, and I do not want to visit the wasteland that is the grocery store today. Besides I haven’t figured out my GOMP yet, so I want to wait. I had just enough for some kimchi bokkeumbap! My procedure is essentially the same as L, so no need for recipe or anything.

I had some green beans to use up, so I decided to make this recipe I randomly found one day, and have used several times since.

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Week’s end scramble

Yesterday, Roo was in the mood for breakfast food, but we ended up having ramen instead. This morning, I decided to give the man what he wants! It was also a perfect way to get rid of a bunch of stray remnants from the past week’s meals all at once.

But first things first…coffeeeeeee:

Le scramble:

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