LOMP: 2/8 – 2/11

Looks like this week’s LOMP is a wash for the following reasons:
1.   I’m tired.  and PMSing.  BLEH.
2.  I have homework to get done before the long weekend.  BLEH x2.
3.  Pooh departs for Cali on Wednesday (less motivation to cook if its just me).

– Kimchi jigae
Too tired to write this up separately, but note to self:  don’t use gochugaru AND gochujang.  yowza.

– Leftover kimchi jigae

– Fridge stir fry (to use up tomatoes, mushrooms, and onion.  maybe a breakfast scramble a la Gulez)

– Jjapagetti and kimchi.

We’ll make up for it on Sunday!


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