LOMP on hiatus

Well, that didn’t last long. Two weeks?

Judging by my stress levels and general bad mood regarding cooking the past two weeks, the LOMP tag is sure not going to be getting any bigger anytime soon.

I will be too depressed to read back on my LOMPs and see lists like this:

– take out x100
– ramen
– lean cuisine
– jjpagetti
– fried egg on rice
– tuna bap
spaghetti and jar sauce

It’s just impossible for me to juggle full-time work (longer hours coming soon), school two nights of the week, the requisite schoolwork, going to the gym, grocery shopping and any real cooking.  Plus, in order to stay sane, I need at least one hour of drama-watching or putzing around on the internet. Srsly.

Maybe, there will be enough free time on some weekends, and I will feel motivated to try new recipes.  But, I think its safe to say that LOMP is on semi-hiatus until after May.


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