Congee, or rice porridge [zhou/粥] is what a person eats when she is sick.  Well, according to all the Korean dramas that I watch, in which case I guess this would be jook/죽.  Ha.

Not an appetizing picture, but tastes just fine:
Veggie broth, 1/2 cup cooked rice, frozen peas and one egg mixed in.

I grew up eating congee for breakfast along with side dishes such as pickled cucumbers, fried gluten, salted duck eggs, bamboo in hot oil, nori paste, and other odd-sounding but yummy foods.

Then, I went to Taiwan, and discovered mixed congee, where the dish is flavored while it is cooking.  My favorite is 皮蛋瘦肉粥 (literal translation:  thousand-year-old egg & lean pork congee).  Good for hangovers!  Never seen a thousand-year-old egg?  Here’s a picture:


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  1. Fantastic! I’m glad you like those century eggs, I like them too, and yes, they are delicious in congee–although your congee looks infinitely more colourful than mine ,ahah, I’ve never put peas or eggs in it before. I scare my housemate with the prospects of making this one day. Those eggs taste so interesting…Congee is yum.


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