Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack

It’s Passover week, and as with last year, coworker A brought me a box of matzo from her family’s stash.  Which I use to make this yummy, addictive Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack!

Step 1: Lay out a single layer of matzo in pans.  Break to fit.

Step 2: Melt 1 cup of unsalted butter (2 sticks) + 1 cup of brown sugar.  Watch it carefully – when it begins to bubble, put 3 minutes on the timer.  Take off heat when time is up, sitr in 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of sea salt.

Step 3: Distribute toffee mixture over each pan.  Spread with a spatula to evenly cover the matzo.

Step 4: Bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.  Watch carefully for burning.  The toffee mixture will bubble and carmelize further in the oven.  Once out of oven, sprinkle semi-sweet choco chips over the top.  Spread when melted.

Step 5: Once the matzo crack cools and the chocolate hardens, it can be broken into pieces and stored in an airtight container up to one week. So they say.  It’s never lasted that long…


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