I’ve been at home, sick ever since Saturday, which translates to lots and lots of tissues, cold meds, and couch time. I’m getting so stir crazy! It’s getting to the point where I am wondering if I am ever going to be healthy again?? I’m convinced that one of the office trolls came into work one day last week instead of staying home, and thus infected me with this awful bug.

I’ve cleaned out the DVR of my saved shows, finished up the K-drama I was watching (18 vs. 29), watched the first disc of the BBC’s Emma miniseries (LOVE), and have been doing lots of listless Internet browsing…

How cute are these stamp sets?! I want them ALL.

I’ve also been playing with the Kindle that my brother gave Roo for his birthday this year. I’ve just been downloading a bunch of samples of books – so much fun! So far I’ve gotten:

Today is my last day to recuperate. I have to go to the office tomorrow because my boss has a presentation to give. Then, it’s off to SF on Friday for the weekend, and I’m desperately hoping that I’ll be 100% better by then so I can play with the kids without fear of getting them sick too.

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