Key Ingredient: Green Onions

I haven’t cooked a proper meal in ages!  I was tempted to reach for my trusty ramen (Neoguri or Jjapagetti), but had already eaten a packaged noodle lunch product today and thought I’d better try to eat something that wasn’t so processed and msg-laden.

What I had to work with:
– 1 package of firm tofu
– eggs
– bunch of green onions
– can of corn
– various Asian and American spices and condiments
– rice, of course.

What I ended up with:

Fried Tofu Side Dish (DooBoo JoRim)
The recipe is from Aeri’s Kitchen, my new go-to site for Korean recipes.  This turned out really well despite my not having onions or carrots as the recipe called for.  I actually followed the sauce recipe pretty closely (the parts that matter :))!  Oh, the smell of soy sauce + sugar + sesame oil + garlic + green onions made me drool.  MMM.

Corn with Oyster Sauce
Gotta have a vegetable in there somewhere, so this was it.  Heat a can of corn in a pan, add green onions and a few shakes of the oyster sauce, and ta-da, you’ve got a vegetable dish!

Lazy Verison of “Steamed” Egg (Gyeran Jjim)
That’s actually a small frying pan.  I debated trying the microwave method or putting a bowl in a pot to steam, but laziness won out.  I did sautee the green onions a little first, with a dash of soy sauce.  This was 3 eggs with maybe 1:1 ratio of water.  I poured the mixture over the green onions, stirred to mix and then covered the pan with a heat-safe plate.  10 minutes later on very low heat, the eggs had firmed up.  I might lower the heat as low as it can go next time, the eggs were quite dark on the bottom.

Dinner is served!


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  1. These recipe looks delicious, especially corn & oyster sauce. I love korean recipe. Thanks for sharing.


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