FML, Jury Duty Edition

In the past 24 hours, I:

– had trouble sleeping yet again.
– get to Jury Duty way too early.
– had to ask things in front of everyone because I couldn’t hear everything.
– was the SECOND person to get called onto a selection panel.
– went through 2 rounds of questioning; much more personal than I thought and asked in front of everyone.
– realized that there is actually a chance I could be selected, begin worrying about being so behind at work and o.m.g., I actually have a work trip next week…whattodo, whatdoido, someonehelpmeeeeeee.
– had a mini-meltdown (with some teary eyes and hyperventilating) in front of the defense and the prosecution attorneys.

Not my finest moment.

This also means I get recalled in 3-6 months to try this all over again.  But now I know better and am going to try for a medical excusal.  That or I need an interpreter because somehow, I missed the part where they said potential jurors needed to be available for the subsequent 2-3 weeks after the selection.  They need to eff’ing provide ALL info in print.  NOT everyone can hear OR process information at the speed it was being given, via microphone to a crowd of 150-200.  If I can’t get that excusal, uhm, then perhaps I just don’t speak engleeeesh well enough, sir.

The icing on the cake?  I get caught in a torrential downpour on my way home – no cabs, no bus and too far to walk.

UGH.  Where’s my wine?  And my clonazepam???

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