A weekend list

My weekend so far:
– browsed Sur La Table and talked myself out of buying all sorts of kitchen gadgets (soda maker! garlic chopper!)
– bought groceries at the new Trader Joe’s on the west side (YAY!!!)
– picked up toiletries at Bed Bath and Beyond
– made tuna artichoke marinara pasta for Saturday dinner
– read a book
– watched the last episode of Playful Kiss
– gave in to compulsory need to add to yarn stash
– started and completed one fingerless mitten (left hand)

– did laundry, folded laundry, and put it all away
– swapped out summer clothes for winter ones; this entailed reorganizing the closet, dresser drawers, etc. ugh.
– threw out old clothes and donated shoes
– vacuumed all rooms

Still to do:
– start the 2nd fingerless mitten (must do immediately otherwise will succumb to single-mitten-syndrome)
– shred the mounds of paper/mail/crap on our tables
– make dinner (but, what to make??)
– empty out vacuum canister (maybe i’ll make Pooh do this)
– insulate 3 windows


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