Thanksgiving Break

I often say the weekdays are a respite from the weekends, and that was certainly true for this 4-day Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been nonstop!

It began like this:

Wednesday night, I headed to the parents on LI right after work.  Needed to do some last minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping so off we went for the stuffed mushrooms and cranberry sauce ingredients.

Thursday started the cooking and prep as soon as I woke up.  Then I picked up Pooh from the train station and he got to watch some football while I helped to cook some more.  After we ate, I took a nap on the sofa, with the intent to do some early Black Friday shopping later that night.  But we did a drive-by after seeing the 200+ people in line at Toys R Us.

Friday, we rushed to get to BedBathandBeyond by 10:00am to score 20% off the entire store.  Stops at Best Buy and the mall reaffirmed what we already knew — we don’t want anything enough to deal with the crazy crowds.  We headed back into the city later that afternoon.  Immediately upon getting home, we tried out our newest game acquisition–Call of Duty: Black Ops–and discover xBox Live.   Spent the rest of the night yelling at the screen.

Saturday, I headed out to NJ nice and early at 8:00am to help out RJ at a wedding as photog’s assistant and backup shooter.    The rest of the day was all a blur and rushing from hotel to house (it was a backyard tented wedding).  Everything was SO hectic and we didn’t get to sit down very much until 9:00pm, when we were able to grab a bite and get all the gear sorted back out.  Then instead of just going home, I headed back to LI, arriving at 1:00am, because….

Today, Sunday, I’ll be going to my former coworker’s wake in the afternoon, since I won’t be able to attend his funeral tomorrow.   Afterwards I will need to drive myself to the LIRR station and finally get to go  home.

I hope that will be the end of this weekend!


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