And…everything else

I’m trying to keep track of everything we did while we were at home so that we don’t look back on our trip and not remember a thing besides being homebodies (what’s wrong with that?).

Saturday, we:

  • had late lunch at home with my parents
  • watched “Scott Pilgrim” – actually, Roo watched this while I took a nap
  • went to mall with my mom – we both got the same pair of Via Spiga brown flat riding boots
  • met brother and his friend for dinner at Woodberry Kitchen – yum!
  • went to Mount Vernon to have drinks with Karen, Cory, Kim, and some of their friends

Sunday, we:

  • headed down to M&T Bank Stadium at noon to tailgate before the Ravens game
  • ate hotdogs, hamburgers, (Utz) chips, drank beers and Captain & Sprites while playing the traditional tailgating games: cornhole (beanbag toss), and kan jam (a game that involved throwing a frisbee and trying to bat it into a trashcan – seriously!!)
  • watched the Ravens beat the Buccaneers…noshed on purple margaritas, more beer, and fries and chicken tenders sprinkled generously with Old Bay, of course
  • went home, had gin and tonics with my dad, and watched the Chargers vs. Colts game

Monday, we:

  • decided a NY trip would be too hectic, so decided to just stay put
  • lounged around, being lazy for most of the day
  • ventured out for some coffee when Roo got stir-crazy
  • came back and watched the boring MNF game

Tuesday, we:

  • dropped my mom off at her ajumma lunch, and drove down to Chevy Chase
  • did some sale shopping at J.Crew, and got to wander around the Anthropologie Accessories store, and the regular Anthro store two doors down
  • had dinner (samgyupsal, crabcakes, kimchi jigae) at home with parents
  • did laundry – gotta say it’s nice coming home, and not having loads of clothes to wash
  • packed to go back to LA…sigh

So, I guess that sums up our “Thanksgiving in Bmore” visit. Now to try to get back into the mindset to go back to work tomorrow.


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