A Wedding Dress Post

After a couple months’ hiatus, I guess its time for me to look at wedding dresses again.  Now that we’ve decided that our plans will be local and more casual than the traditional wedding, I won’t need anything too formal.  I think I still want a long gown, but some of the short/mini wedding dresses out there are just so cute!  Maybe I can get away with two, if I have a dinner AND the cocktail party?

Opinions have been split on this dress, but there’s something quirky about the layers and lace that I like.  It’s probably unlikely that it’ll make the cut, as Pooh wrinkled his nose at it.  Still cute, and still worth a try on my next visit to the J.Crew bridal salon.


Duchesse Satin & Lace




I tried this on a few months ago and thought it was very pretty in a classy, elegant way.  Then, I was thinking of a tropical destination wedding.  Now, we are planning a restaurant reception in March (if you can even call a  small group dinner that) and a heavy silk seems more approriate to both season and location.

Silk Tricotine



I learned that I like lace at when Gulez and I went to Saks for our fantasy wedding dress shopping.  Not sure if I want the entire dress to be lace, but a touch here or there is just so pretty!

If I settle on a dress with a train, I may have to get it chopped off.  =(

Lea Ann Belter
Genevieve (Muskoka Collection)
Price unknown
Duchess Satin with Alencon lace



Ok, so maybe I would like the entire dress to be lace! The sash has long tails in the back so they can drape all the way down the length of the dress.  It has a chapel train, but I’m sure I can find a lace dress with a sash out there that doesn’t have a train.

Lea Ann Belter
Alyssa (Niagara Collection)
Price unknown
Blush Silk Duchess with Lace




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