13 Days

My calendar for the the next 13 days as I get ready for the First Asia Tour:

Wednesday 12/8: Work function (Board dinner)
Thursday 12/9: Almost full-day Board meeting (but nothing at night, thank goodness!)
Friday 12/10: Dress Appointment at Lovely
Saturday 12/11: Dad’s Birthday Brunch at Bouley’s
Sunday 12/12: The Eight Kids Photoshoot (in NJ)
Monday 12/13: Annual performance review at work and happy hour
Tuesday 12/14: Usher concert at MSG
Wednesday 12/15: Full-staff meeting (with presentation by moi) and office holiday party
Thursday 12/16: Please let there be nothing
Friday 12/17: MY LAST DAY OF WORK IN 2010!!! Not even a full day – 1/2 day because I will attend my former employer’s holiday party!!  Another holiday party in the evening.
Saturday 12/18: Laundry, errands, other things one must do to get ready for international travel
Sunday 12/19: Finish packing, clean out fridge, etc.

Monday 12/20: JFK –> BKK!!!


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