A Packing List

I hate packing light.  But this trip to Thailand/Taiwan and its mulitple flights with its different checked baggage limitations means I can only do the ONE checked bag.  And that’s the biggest suitcase we own.  Whenever I plan for a trip, I inventory the clothes so I know I have enough outfits to last me the entire trip.  On this one, I’ll definitely need to rewear things a few times and try to find somewhere to do laundry.

That’s 1 medium hardcase, 1 small carry on, 1 camera bag, 1 duffel carry on and a backpack (not pictured).

Want to see what’s in them?  I only inventoried my stuff, not Pooh’s.  He has so little its ridiculous.  Except for the shoes–he’s got five pairs, same as me. 

What I packed
1 pair jeans
1 pair jeggings
1 pair leggings (black)
2 pairs shorts (khaki, gym)
1 pair sweatpants
4 dresses (3 sun, 1 party)
3 cardigans (black long, grey long, black shawl)
3 long sleeve tee (navy, grey, striped)
3 tanks (2 plain, 1 ruffled)
3 tees (embellished, pink, ruffled)
2 swimsuits
1 swim coverup
1 pair heels (gold, bcbg)
2 pair flats (1 black, 1 gold)
1 pair flipflops
14 pairs underwear
6 pairs socks
3 bras (2 reg, 1 strapless)

Wearing on plane
Grey long-sleeve tee
Light blue hoodie
Ivory cord jacket
Charcoal leggings

In my carryon
Crosswords book
Magazines (4)
Face wipes, tissues, handcream, lipbalm
Travel pillow
Electric cords for phone, kindle

I’m debating if I should take some of those clothes out, and that 1 pair of black flats.   Room to shop?


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