Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天)

My new drama love…. I even watched episode 1, in its entirety!  I marathoned 21 episodes in a span of 36 hours last weekend, but stalled with 4 episodes to go.  This always happens.  I’m not sure if its a way to put off the inevitable funk and withdrawal that occurs after a drama-crack marathon or to prolong the drama addiction.

I watch many more Korean dramas than I do Taiwanese ones because there just aren’t as many good Tdramas.  This one was a really pleasant surprise.   It doesn’t have much of the over-the-top cringe-inducing over-acting seen in a lot of Tdramas.  Which often suffer from what my mom calls the curse of the “cute girl who is trying to act even cuter so it comes across as disgusting.”  Her words.  It’s got the typical asian drama cliches, but it’s mellow.  Plus, Mike He is such a cutie pie in this and has improved a lot since Devil Besides You.

Should I even bother to write  a synopsis?  I only ever watch the same types of dramas…

She’s a plucky girl, kind-hearted and resourceful; works as housekeeping staff at a hotel.  He’s the hotel/real estate chaebol (now i’m curious, are there other types?) who discovers he has an 8-year old son by his ex-wife, who he thought had an abortion.  Mr. Chaebol enters into a contract marriage with Plucky Girl to aid in his custody battle,  she accidentally becomes pregnant (drinks  and contract marriages do not mix, people), contract marriage is outed and they begin falling for each other.  There’s a storyline with the chaebol’s younger brother, who was actually Plucky Girl’s first love pen pal.  LOL.  It’s not an asian drama without the love triangle!





LOVE it.  Can’t wait to finish the last four episodes!  I’m watching the Chinese version (which aired first), and am tempted to watch again with the Taiwanese version (airing now with diff edits).


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