A joint blog by two former college roommates who used to, and still do, chat via their computers for what seems like (at least, to our significant others – aka Pooh and Roo) 23 hours a day, 6 days out of the week.

We’ve progressed from talking about boys and parties to financial management and children (future, as neither of us have them yet!). From AIM to ICQ to GChat to Google Docs (to bypass work firewalls!), we chat about everything, anything.  We do run out of things to say occasionally and sometimes we do nothing but sigh, blah, and ugh at each other.

E404 was started as yet another medium through which we can share our daily lives! It is our place for fantasy shopping, trip planning, kpop fangirling (only by leeetz, so far), korean drama ramblings, rants, and many other things. 


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