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Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天)

My new drama love…. I even watched episode 1, in its entirety!  I marathoned 21 episodes in a span of 36 hours last weekend, but stalled with 4 episodes to go.  This always happens.  I’m not sure if its a way to put off the inevitable funk and withdrawal that occurs after a drama-crack marathon or to prolong the drama addiction.

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Coffee Prince

Sigh, got sucked into 커피프린스 1호점…guess it’s a good thing I’ve started up a new “hobby” now that football season is about to end. I’m on Episode 11, and at this rate will be done by this weekend. The only question is…what’s next? Hmmm.

My Princess

I’ve decided this will be the next drama I watch.  Been avidly reading the recaps over at Dramabeans and this sounds right up my drama-watching alley.  I could sure use the distraction given the level of stress and anxiety I currently feel in regards to work and wedding planning.

She’s a graduate student with a crush on her professor, and he’s a chaebol who is also an ambassador.  His grandfather wants to restore the monarchy, and she is discovered to be the long-lost princess.   He’s to teach her royal etiquette and of course, this ends in a happily ever after.

If that isn’t a feel good fairy-tale, I don’t know what it is!   It’s going to be my first time watching Song Sung Heon and Kim Tae Hee, but wow….lots of pretty in this couple!

The Gumiho Drink

Yummy.  Product placement totally works on me!

Current ❤ drama:  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Oh! My Lady

Current K-drama:

오! 마이 레이디

I can’t tell which I’m enjoying more: watching 채림 and 최시원 together (I’m on Episode 5, and things are just beginning to get cute between them), OR watching the most adorable child I have ever seen in my entire life.

It’s a close call.

The downside of obsession

Pronunciation: \ə-ˈdik-shən, a-\
Function: noun
: the quality or state of being addicted
2 : compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance or behavior (such as nicotine or asian drama-watching) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly.

Symptoms of Drama Addiction
» disregard for normal activities of daily living, such as eating, web-surfing, showering, and sleep
» difficulty in falling asleep,  because your favorite drama scenes (that you just watched) are running through your mind
» lack of interest and concentration at work (which is just interrupting the drama-watching, you know)

Symptoms of Drama Withdrawal
» disproportionate sadness upon completion of a much-loved drama series
» dissatisfaction with return to normal (and more boring, in contrast) life
» mild to moderate self-loathing for the amount of time spent watching

I finished It Started With a Kiss last night.  30 episodes in 3 days.  I went to bed at 2am , and woke up at 6am, feeling like I didn’t even close my eyes.  You see, this is why I am so hesitant to start watching a drama series sometimes.  A drama will sometimes set off this vicious cycle that lasts for days (sometimes  a week, if real life can’t be avoided), but its hard to predict just which one will spur my interest to this extent.  I always feel bad about myself afterwards, but even knowing this outcome, I haven’t managed to achieve self-control.


But, the ending was hilarious and sweet and satisfying.  Really zany  in the way only the TwDramas can get.  LOVED IT.   Of course, the girl always gets the guy, but the lead up to it was awesome!!  Zhi Shu ♥ Xiang Qin!  ♥♥♥♥


My new obsession: It Started with a Kiss (惡作劇之吻), a 2005 Taiwanese idol drama.

I didn’t think I’d get sucked in so rapidly or so thoroughly.  I managed to cram in 9 episodes on Saturday, and 11 on Sunday.  There are a total of 30 episodes!  Times like this, I almost wish I lived alone so I could spend 15 hours straight watching without feeling bad about myself.  Pooh made me leave the house on Sunday to do grocery shopping and run some errands.

ISWAK was adapted from Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss, (a Korean version is in the works!).  It was extremely popular and remains one of those “classic” dramas that every TwDrama fan should watch.

You can probably guess the type of storyline this is, per my drama preferences.  Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are the leads; the drama takes them from high school through college.  He’s a genius, but cold and standoffish (aren’t they always), while she is not-so-smart, but a happy spirit.  Due to an earthquake destroying her house, her father brings them to live with his college classmate, whose son turns out to be Joe Cheng’s character.  Chaos and hilarity ensues, and along the way, he warms up to her (but of course).

Prior to watching ISWAK, I had read that the female character is SO dimwitted and bumbling that she provokes feminist sensibilities. It’s to Ariel Lin’s credit that I’m not as frustrated with her as I thought I would be.    In fact, I’ve barely fast forwarded past any scenes — only the little montages that start/end commercial breaks.   This is the first time I’ve seen something of hers, but I know she’s considered a very good actress in Taiwan.  She’ll be doing the Taiwanese version of Coffee Prince, which I will definitely be adding to my “to watch” list!  Joe Cheng is very, very good as well and the chemistry between the leads has me eagerly watching for the too-far-and-few-inbetween cutesy moments.  I’m amazed I’ve watched 20 episodes without the usual drama fatigue.

The awesome part of this obsession??  There’s a ISWAK 2!  Called They Kiss Again, I’m sure I’ll be marathoning through that one as well after I finish the first!