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FML du jour

I’m writing this from school. I just realized it’s “Monday,” not Wednesday, in this strange thing Baruch does to accommodate holidays.

Why, oh why, didn’t I figure out that I didn’t have class LAST NIGHT, when I stayed up late yet again to finish the assignment??

I do this every. single. time. there’s an alternate schedule. I’ve gotten to the building before realizing. But this time, I actually tried my classroom door before wondering why it was locked. FML.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a total FML. I did get the paper done one week early!


How I feel this morning

I need to get myself one of these.

Introducing the ever popular FML

It’s 1.5 hours before my first Wed class.  It took me until NOW (srsly, right now) to figure out the following:

1. That the spring semester actually started last THURS (not Wed) so I didn’t miss anything while I was away in DC last week.

2. I emailed the professor saying I won’t be in the 1st class because, again, I was in DC.  (does this mean i can skip class tonight?!)

3. Therefore, the homework I’ve been stressing out over, and stayed up late last night for, is actually due NEXT WEEK.