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new year, new goals

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, but did want to bang out some things I’m hoping to accomplish this year. I want the goals to be concrete and measurable (not “be a better person,” etc.) so I can see how I’ve done by the time January 2013 arrives.

  1. read (at least) 1 book a month (12 in 2012)
  2. organize my iTunes library
  3. travel somewhere NEW
  4. do a major closet (this includes shoes, bags) purge and consign/sell/donate
  5. meticulously keep track of every new thing I buy (I tried to start this last year and fizzled out) and evaluate month by month
  6. learn more about finances/investing
  7. no more buying cosmetics, skin care until I use up what I have – try to use up 2 products/month, throw out what needs to be thrown out
  8. finally finish making abandoned photo books (Paris 2009, Paris/Stockholm 2010)
  9. learn how to use my camera
  10. start on decorating the place – framed photos, prints, paint, etc.
  11. be healthier – drink more water, eat healthier (meatless Mondays?), exercise more often (try to do the c25k program, walk at least 3x/week)
  12. try to cook more Korean food – try 1 new recipe a month?
  13. be a better person…

This morning

On the way to work, I saw a woman in a bright red wool coat.  It looked like a J.Crew from the fabric texture, the cut and the button detail on the sleeves.   I thought to myself, “Oooooh, pretty!”

Then I looked down and saw that she was wearing horrendously wrinkled khaki wide-leg (think, JNCO wide!) pants with kind-of-ugly brown motorcycle boots.  As we stopped at the crosswalk, I noticed I wasn’t the only one side-eyeing the strange combination.  Beautiful coat, neat hair, nice bag, made-up face, and then these ugly pants that looked like she had scrunched into a ball when wet then put them on when they were dry.

Strange.  I should start taking phone pics of these people.

13 Days

My calendar for the the next 13 days as I get ready for the First Asia Tour:

Wednesday 12/8: Work function (Board dinner)
Thursday 12/9: Almost full-day Board meeting (but nothing at night, thank goodness!)
Friday 12/10: Dress Appointment at Lovely
Saturday 12/11: Dad’s Birthday Brunch at Bouley’s
Sunday 12/12: The Eight Kids Photoshoot (in NJ)
Monday 12/13: Annual performance review at work and happy hour
Tuesday 12/14: Usher concert at MSG
Wednesday 12/15: Full-staff meeting (with presentation by moi) and office holiday party
Thursday 12/16: Please let there be nothing
Friday 12/17: MY LAST DAY OF WORK IN 2010!!! Not even a full day – 1/2 day because I will attend my former employer’s holiday party!!  Another holiday party in the evening.
Saturday 12/18: Laundry, errands, other things one must do to get ready for international travel
Sunday 12/19: Finish packing, clean out fridge, etc.

Monday 12/20: JFK –> BKK!!!

Remember these?

Didn’t we use to look at this website a lot??

The things we find when sorting through one’s hard drive.


Click to enlarge.  I’m not techie enough (or just lazy) to figure out how to fix the resolution.

And…everything else

I’m trying to keep track of everything we did while we were at home so that we don’t look back on our trip and not remember a thing besides being homebodies (what’s wrong with that?).

Saturday, we:

  • had late lunch at home with my parents
  • watched “Scott Pilgrim” – actually, Roo watched this while I took a nap
  • went to mall with my mom – we both got the same pair of Via Spiga brown flat riding boots
  • met brother and his friend for dinner at Woodberry Kitchen – yum!
  • went to Mount Vernon to have drinks with Karen, Cory, Kim, and some of their friends

Sunday, we:

  • headed down to M&T Bank Stadium at noon to tailgate before the Ravens game
  • ate hotdogs, hamburgers, (Utz) chips, drank beers and Captain & Sprites while playing the traditional tailgating games: cornhole (beanbag toss), and kan jam (a game that involved throwing a frisbee and trying to bat it into a trashcan – seriously!!)
  • watched the Ravens beat the Buccaneers…noshed on purple margaritas, more beer, and fries and chicken tenders sprinkled generously with Old Bay, of course
  • went home, had gin and tonics with my dad, and watched the Chargers vs. Colts game

Monday, we:

  • decided a NY trip would be too hectic, so decided to just stay put
  • lounged around, being lazy for most of the day
  • ventured out for some coffee when Roo got stir-crazy
  • came back and watched the boring MNF game

Tuesday, we:

  • dropped my mom off at her ajumma lunch, and drove down to Chevy Chase
  • did some sale shopping at J.Crew, and got to wander around the Anthropologie Accessories store, and the regular Anthro store two doors down
  • had dinner (samgyupsal, crabcakes, kimchi jigae) at home with parents
  • did laundry – gotta say it’s nice coming home, and not having loads of clothes to wash
  • packed to go back to LA…sigh

So, I guess that sums up our “Thanksgiving in Bmore” visit. Now to try to get back into the mindset to go back to work tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Break

I often say the weekdays are a respite from the weekends, and that was certainly true for this 4-day Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been nonstop!

It began like this:

Wednesday night, I headed to the parents on LI right after work.  Needed to do some last minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping so off we went for the stuffed mushrooms and cranberry sauce ingredients.

Thursday started the cooking and prep as soon as I woke up.  Then I picked up Pooh from the train station and he got to watch some football while I helped to cook some more.  After we ate, I took a nap on the sofa, with the intent to do some early Black Friday shopping later that night.  But we did a drive-by after seeing the 200+ people in line at Toys R Us.

Friday, we rushed to get to BedBathandBeyond by 10:00am to score 20% off the entire store.  Stops at Best Buy and the mall reaffirmed what we already knew — we don’t want anything enough to deal with the crazy crowds.  We headed back into the city later that afternoon.  Immediately upon getting home, we tried out our newest game acquisition–Call of Duty: Black Ops–and discover xBox Live.   Spent the rest of the night yelling at the screen.

Saturday, I headed out to NJ nice and early at 8:00am to help out RJ at a wedding as photog’s assistant and backup shooter.    The rest of the day was all a blur and rushing from hotel to house (it was a backyard tented wedding).  Everything was SO hectic and we didn’t get to sit down very much until 9:00pm, when we were able to grab a bite and get all the gear sorted back out.  Then instead of just going home, I headed back to LI, arriving at 1:00am, because….

Today, Sunday, I’ll be going to my former coworker’s wake in the afternoon, since I won’t be able to attend his funeral tomorrow.   Afterwards I will need to drive myself to the LIRR station and finally get to go  home.

I hope that will be the end of this weekend!

Black Friday

Today, I:

  • went to get a facial massage with my mom, and walked out feeling like I’d just been beaten up. Those Korean ajummas may look small and harmless, but they have some strength in their little hands. I seriously came really close to begging them to stop!!
  • paid a visit to Corner Stable for a rack of ribs and fries with Roo and my bro
  • went to the mall, out of some sado-masochistic curiosity. It was not as crowded as I thought, but there weren’t any tempting deals. I guess you had to be there at the crack of dawn for that. I finally got to use my Anthro birthday discount that I’ve been holding onto. I tried on the J.Crew Timex watch, and the strap was too big, and only comes in one size. The SA told me I could do what his mom does – just cut the strap, but uh…I don’t think so!
  • wandered into LV and saw that they are offering monogramming and stripes on the Neverfulls now! The SA said they started in October.
  • had dinner with my parents – mom made 삼계탕 (samgyetang). Yum.
  • rewatched “The Social Network” and Roo is now watching “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.”
  • got a great deal on Mad Men Seasons 1-3 blu-ray discs – $9.99 each on Amazon! I guess that is my Black Friday deal o’ the day.
  • am wide awake thanks to time zone difference and the nap I took earlier today.