Who hasn’t gone grocery shopping without a list and ended up with random ingredients that don’t quite make up a meal?  Or thrown out spoiled produce because you couldn’t figure out what to make with it?  OMP, or Operation Meal Plan is our solution to alleviating this frustration.

From Sunday to Thursday each week, we have  a game plan of what we will be cooking.  Some weeks, this works out really well, complete with accurately anticipated leftover days sandwiched between cooking days.  Other weeks, however, work or moods (or both!) result in scrapped OMPs and a fridge full of produce needing to be used.

OMPs are great because:
– we use up all of our groceries (save $$)
– eat a variety of cuisines (save us from boredom)
– eat a balanced diet (because if we are heavy on the carbs, we plan for a veg side dish)
– we cop out of cooking less often (hmm?)

Gulez’s OMP
Leeetz’s OMP


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