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A fantasy update

Woohoo, so I have finally clinched a spot in the playoffs for my work league. I started out so strong at #1, with an 8-1 record, and then have been free-falling the last few weeks (I blame Michael Vick for the beginning of my demise!). Since our records are tied, the guy in the #3 spot is ahead of me by ONE POINT. This is also the guy who had Vick in Week 10 (Eagles vs. Redskins). I carried a significant (30+ points?) lead going into Monday Night Football, then Vick went crazy, and Andy Reid didn’t see fit to pull him out until McKalbi had beaten me by ONE POINT!!! Fast forward to last night – my games had all ended, so I was just hoping McKalbi would lose so that I could claim the #3 spot handily, and it was looking that way…until BenJarvus Green-Ellis gave him the win over Hammer Tools by – you guessed it – ONE POINT. That ONE POINT will forever haunt me, it seems.

In the league Leeetz and I are playing in together, I got off to a very slow start, but hey – look at what’s happened! I was dead last for a good portion of the beginning of the season, but have somehow crept up to #5! If I win, and if Ray of Light loses, there’s a chance I could find myself in the playoffs! According to the projected stats, Bring It On Beyotch (better known as Pooh around these parts) is slated to win against Ray of Light, but I am not favored in my matchup with Myoclonic Jerks. It is only a 6 point difference though, so who knows what could happen? Leeetz continues to dominate, and is of course guaranteed a playoff spot.

And although I may not be a shoo-in for the playoffs in this league, at least this week, I do have this:

I will be very very sad when the football season ends…