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Risotto, thy day has come

Can you believe it?? I FINALLY made the risotto I was originally planning to make last Thursday, then pushed off until Sunday, then delayed again once more until today. It was another hellish day at work, and even though I didn’t really feel like spending that much time in the kitchen, the cold, rainy weather made me want something warm and comforting for dinner.

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Pasta carbonara florentine

What’s not to love about this dish? Seriously: pasta, bacon, spinach, egg, cheese! That killer combo just can’t really go wrong. I haven’t made carbonara in a while, so I was excited to try out this version that I found last week.

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“So what, no fuckin’ ziti now?!”

“The Sopranos” is one of my all-time favorite shows, and that line from the pilot episode has always stuck with me (and cracked me up). It definitely had me giggling in the kitchen as I was preparing tonight’s dinner. And so starts Week 2 of Operation Meal Plan…

Tonight, I decided to try my hand at baked ziti, which was even more appealing because of the amount of leftovers it yields. It’s convenient since I’ll be going out to eat tomorrow, and wanted Roo to have something easy to heat up.

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Chicken with mustard mascarpone marsala sauce

Thank God it’s Thursday!!! Today draws this week’s meal plan to a close — I made it! Although I usually have chicken marsala with some sort of pasta, I decided to serve it over some rice since we had some left over from earlier in the week, and we just had the garlic noodles last night.

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