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asparagus with pork; half raw egg with salmon roe oden; fatty pork
limited special heart; “torihei” meatball; daikon oden
xiao long bao oden; homemade cheese nuggets; chicken thigh

Last night, we met up with some friends for dinner at Torihei, known for their yakitori and oden. Of the ones pictured above, my favorites were the chicken heart (who would’ve thought?), fatty pork (of course), and the cheese nuggets (fried cheese tofu – yum). This is just a sampling of all the little plates we tried – some that are notably missing are the liver skewers (which I liked, but no one else in the group really did – “too liver-y” was their verdict), the fried “Jidori” chicken, and the “Robata” rice ball, which were universally acclaimed. It was a little awkward trying to share the oden dishes among 5 people – it’s not like you can slurp and pass! Individual oden next time around!

The service was a little weird. I’m not sure if it was the language barrier or what, but the waitresses seemed really confused. Maybe it was our large party? We asked for two draft beers when we sat down…and then waited and waited. Then another waitress came around with drink menus and asked what we’d like. It took us a good 5 minutes to try to explain that we’d already ordered beers, but that we wanted to cancel those so we could just get a pitcher instead. Nothing rude or obnoxious, but…just confused.

Roo doesn’t really like these tapas-style places because he never feels full afterwards, but he said that the meal was more fulfilling than the ones we’ve had at nearby Musha. Personally, I like the wider variety of dishes at Musha, but it sure is nice having another option for good Japanese food so close to us.

1757 W Carson St., Ste A
Torrance, CA 90501


Nobu New York

Pooh and I had to give up our Perry Street reservations due to my calendar dyslexia, thinking a friend’s shower is on Saturday when it is actually on Sunday.  We were very sad about not enjoying another Restaurant Week meal before the promotion ended.  But, Pooh did some lurking on yesterday and got us last-minute lunch reservations at Nobu!  Someone must have just canceled because they were all booked up.  He works in the FiDi and was able to escape for an hour (or two, hehe) to enjoy really good Japanese food.

We went to the original Nobu (on Hudson).  There are two other locations in NYC, Nobu Next Door and Nobu Fifty-Seventh.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce

Black Miso Cod
(I was so hungry, I took a bite of this and then realized I hadn’t yet taken a picture!)

Assorted Sushi

Soy Cheesecake with Pear Compote

Pooh’s coworker had advised him to get the Rock Shrimp Tempura and not the other appetizers.  Which were a sashimi salad and a mushroom salad.  I am usually adamant about ordering different things to try, but in this case the two other choices seemed pretty ordinary, so shrimp it was for both of us.  Out of the three entrée choices, I knew I wanted the Black Miso Cod, which is pretty well-known as a Nobu dish.  It would be a shame to eat at Nobu and not have the raw fish, so Pooh got the Assorted Sushi plate.  The other entrée we didn’t order was Beef with Anti-Cucho or Teriyaki Sauce.  Yeah, I have no idea what anti-cucho is.

I loved it all and am excited we got to knock another NYC dining institution off our list!!  As I was writing this post, I checked the pictures I took of the menu…wow, the Black Miso Cod is normally $25 alone!  Maybe the portion sizes are different when it’s not prix-fixe, but regardless, the 3-course $24.50 Restaurant Week Menu was a steal!