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J.Crew goes to Hollywood

These images from J.Crew’s new rollout make me happy and excited for spring. Although, if we’re being honest here…the weather now is pretty much the same as it will be then…and always, and forever, until eternity. Don’t mind me – still just a little bitter about the lack of four seasons in this neck of the woods.

Somebody stop me before I buy everything striped in sight! A stripe-tervention?



I love:
– the stripey sweater
– the layered bracelets/watch
– the messy bun
– the fun, bright lipstick

A Wedding Dress Post

After a couple months’ hiatus, I guess its time for me to look at wedding dresses again.  Now that we’ve decided that our plans will be local and more casual than the traditional wedding, I won’t need anything too formal.  I think I still want a long gown, but some of the short/mini wedding dresses out there are just so cute!  Maybe I can get away with two, if I have a dinner AND the cocktail party?

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Strange combos

I had time to kill before meeting Clearbright for dinner, so I stopped by Century City. I popped into J.Crew to get out of the rain, and was looking to see if anything caught my eye. Nothing was jumping out at me, and then I saw this sweater that looked so strange that I just had to try it on. Exposed zipper, silk trim, ruffled hem, sweatshirt material…strange, right? I expected to hate it. Well, guess what? Almost a week has passed and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Things that make you go hmm…