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Coffee Prince

Sigh, got sucked into 커피프린스 1호점…guess it’s a good thing I’ve started up a new “hobby” now that football season is about to end. I’m on Episode 11, and at this rate will be done by this weekend. The only question is…what’s next? Hmmm.


The Gumiho Drink

Yummy.  Product placement totally works on me!

Current ❤ drama:  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Oh! My Lady

Current K-drama:

오! 마이 레이디

I can’t tell which I’m enjoying more: watching 채림 and 최시원 together (I’m on Episode 5, and things are just beginning to get cute between them), OR watching the most adorable child I have ever seen in my entire life.

It’s a close call.

Mixin’ it up 2.0

I, too, was feeling lazy and hot today.  I used the same bibim guksu recipe as Gulez did, but different toppings:  julienned carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, cubed firm tofu and kimchi.

It was indeed magical.   ^ ^

Mixin’ it up

Hot day + lazy = less than zero motivation to cook. The magical ease of 비빔국수 (bibim guksu) saves the day (or lunch)! I hesitate to call it “cooking” since all it involved was boiling water, chopping some vegetables, and mixing everything together.

See? Magical.

Key Ingredient: Green Onions

I haven’t cooked a proper meal in ages!  I was tempted to reach for my trusty ramen (Neoguri or Jjapagetti), but had already eaten a packaged noodle lunch product today and thought I’d better try to eat something that wasn’t so processed and msg-laden.

What I had to work with:
– 1 package of firm tofu
– eggs
– bunch of green onions
– can of corn
– various Asian and American spices and condiments
– rice, of course.

What I ended up with:

Fried Tofu Side Dish (DooBoo JoRim)
The recipe is from Aeri’s Kitchen, my new go-to site for Korean recipes.  This turned out really well despite my not having onions or carrots as the recipe called for.  I actually followed the sauce recipe pretty closely (the parts that matter :))!  Oh, the smell of soy sauce + sugar + sesame oil + garlic + green onions made me drool.  MMM.

Corn with Oyster Sauce
Gotta have a vegetable in there somewhere, so this was it.  Heat a can of corn in a pan, add green onions and a few shakes of the oyster sauce, and ta-da, you’ve got a vegetable dish!

Lazy Verison of “Steamed” Egg (Gyeran Jjim)
That’s actually a small frying pan.  I debated trying the microwave method or putting a bowl in a pot to steam, but laziness won out.  I did sautee the green onions a little first, with a dash of soy sauce.  This was 3 eggs with maybe 1:1 ratio of water.  I poured the mixture over the green onions, stirred to mix and then covered the pan with a heat-safe plate.  10 minutes later on very low heat, the eggs had firmed up.  I might lower the heat as low as it can go next time, the eggs were quite dark on the bottom.

Dinner is served!

Here comes the sun

Ahhh, true comfort food at its very best! Kimchi bokkeumbap is one of my favorite go-to meals that’s so easy to throw together, not to mention delicious. It combines two of Korea’s most beloved foods, after all: kimchi and spam! Seriously, what’s not to love? I usually top with an over easy egg, but decided to roll with sunny side up today. I just want to stick my spoon in this picture and POP that golden yolky goodness!