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My sleep schedule since I got back on Tuesday:





UGH.  I feel sick, nauseated and drugged.  Let’s see if I will finally fall asleep at work, sitting at my desk.  I should’ve taken an Ambien or Nyquil to assist in the transition back.

And I realize that there’s something wonky with the chart, and that the AM part should maybe be first and match up to the dates, but I don’t have enough brain capacity right now to figure it out.  =/


This morning

On the way to work, I saw a woman in a bright red wool coat.  It looked like a J.Crew from the fabric texture, the cut and the button detail on the sleeves.   I thought to myself, “Oooooh, pretty!”

Then I looked down and saw that she was wearing horrendously wrinkled khaki wide-leg (think, JNCO wide!) pants with kind-of-ugly brown motorcycle boots.  As we stopped at the crosswalk, I noticed I wasn’t the only one side-eyeing the strange combination.  Beautiful coat, neat hair, nice bag, made-up face, and then these ugly pants that looked like she had scrunched into a ball when wet then put them on when they were dry.

Strange.  I should start taking phone pics of these people.

Remember these?

Didn’t we use to look at this website a lot??

The things we find when sorting through one’s hard drive.


Click to enlarge.  I’m not techie enough (or just lazy) to figure out how to fix the resolution.

Bah, humbug

At least Gulez is trying to get into the holiday spirit.  I’ll just say right now that I’ll be the green guy below:

PS – Macy’s Herald Square is ALREADY all decked out for the holidays.  It probably was all done before Halloween!


Whatever that means.  I’m enjoying making lists so far, so here is another one.  This time, it’s for the rest of the week because accomplishing the items on this one in a single day is too much pressure.  I don’t do self-inflicted pressure.  Especially on weekdays.

The rest of this week, I would like to do the following:

– fold and put away air-dried laundry
– pick up diploma from school
– get e-ring appraised
– get e-ring insured
– submit claim for flu shot reimbursement
– find and book reasonable airfare to San Diego
– go to the gym once (well, they do say goals must be reachable…)
– look at job postings at least once
– knit one fingerless mitten
– exchange yarn bought last weekend for another color at Knitty City
– research some Vanguard funds

A Case of the Mondays


In an effort to continue the weekend’s productivity, here is tonight’s to do list.  The idea is that if I write it down, I might be 50% more likely to do it.

– pick up laundered shirts/dry cleaning
– go to market to get ingredients for dinner
– make dinner (eggplant bolognese)
– watch latest episode of Victoria and Nichkun’s We Got Married
– sort through yarn and pick next knitting project
– shower (i just had to put that on there, gulez!)

A weekend list

My weekend so far:
– browsed Sur La Table and talked myself out of buying all sorts of kitchen gadgets (soda maker! garlic chopper!)
– bought groceries at the new Trader Joe’s on the west side (YAY!!!)
– picked up toiletries at Bed Bath and Beyond
– made tuna artichoke marinara pasta for Saturday dinner
– read a book
– watched the last episode of Playful Kiss
– gave in to compulsory need to add to yarn stash
– started and completed one fingerless mitten (left hand)

– did laundry, folded laundry, and put it all away
– swapped out summer clothes for winter ones; this entailed reorganizing the closet, dresser drawers, etc. ugh.
– threw out old clothes and donated shoes
– vacuumed all rooms

Still to do:
– start the 2nd fingerless mitten (must do immediately otherwise will succumb to single-mitten-syndrome)
– shred the mounds of paper/mail/crap on our tables
– make dinner (but, what to make??)
– empty out vacuum canister (maybe i’ll make Pooh do this)
– insulate 3 windows