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Shoe shopping

Ahhh, I never considered myself a huge shoe person but I do enjoy shopping for them!  Usually when I visit my parents on LI, I work in a trip to the local mall to see what’s on sale.  The sales out here can be ah-may-zing, especially at Lord & Taylor’s and Macy’s.  Sale item + 50% off sale sticker + 20% off total purchase?  I don’t even need to think about it.

I picked up three pairs this weekend.  Two at L&T’s and one on Amazon (a Prime account is the best thing ever) after I was able to try on a similar shoe in store.  I got all three pairs for under $125!

Vince Camuto “Penn” in black (couldn’t find a pic)
Can’t tell with the pic, but the leather is soooo soft.

Softt “Florence” in grey suede
I thought these were ahjumma shoes at first, but they looked cute on and were really comfortable!

Calvin Klein “Renni” in black patent
Finally!  Been thinking about these for a while.  Current style is same shoe with a higher heel, but this was still on Amazon, at 1/2 the price it was when I first wanted it.  Yay for patience!