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Cheat Day #1

Last night, I received a text from coworkers R & A, telling me not to bring lunch to work today because it had been designated our Cheat Day of the week.  Meaning, we could collectively stray from our self-imposed economic and dietary restrictions and consume things like street meat, chinese take out, Kyochon chicken (if only they would open the place already!), etc.  No salads, Lean Cuisines or any of that “healthy” stuff.

You see, R is getting married in Jamaica in 4 months and has been working hard get in tip-top shape before then.  In solidarity, and because we’ll be wearing swim suits (ack), A and I are also trying to eat better, exercise and otherwise be good influences on each other.

Since last year, A has been on a mission to try all the street meat carts featured in the Street-Meat-Palooza, and today was #5 on the list, Kwik Meal at 45th St and 6th Ave.  We hit food truck jackpot and not only was the Treats Truck also on the same corner, so was the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck!  A rare opportunity that we had to take advantage of.  So lunch ended up being a three course meal:

[Chicken & Thai Basil Dumplings]

[Chicken Over Rice]

[Chocolate & Caramel Creme Cookie Sandwiches]

What are we having for Cheat Day #2?