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I think an entire season has passed since the last time I wrote anything!  I have a few things planned–now that I am done with school–to add to my meager collection of posts.

In honor of this occasion, I’m posting Super Junior‘s 4th album comeback!  Yes, this took place a while ago but I was busy then.  Super Junior was the first boy band to lure me into the world of kpop, so I have a special place in my heart for them.

English title: Bonamana
Korean title: 미인아
Album released:  May 13, 2010

KPop Glossary:
Comeback =  1. (noun) used in kpop to mean the return of a artist/group after promotions for their last album/single ended.  Often takes place in as few as 3 months.  2. (verb) the act of returning to the kpop scene after a brief hiatus.