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Things To Eat in Taiwan

I make lists for everything, so why would wouldn’t I have one for the things I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT in Taipei?!

Some of these things are not easily found here, yes even in NYC, so I am super excited to have:

大腸包小腸 [Little Sausage in Big Sausage]
Taiwanese pork sausage with a bigger “sausage” made out of sticky rice wrapped around it.  It’s the Taiwanese version of the American hot dog!  Found at street markets and I have not been able to find it in the US.  Ever.  Not even in Arcadia, CA. Though I was there only once.

木瓜牛奶 [Papaya Milk]
Before living in Taipei back in 2002, I didn’t like papaya all that much.  Then I discovered this drink – we lived above a bubble tea place – and had to restrict myself to one per day, and then only on the days I went to the gym.  Yes, it’s so good that I used it as a reward for working out.  It’s possible to find the drink here, but it tends to be powdered papaya mix and not the fruit.  Even making it at home isn’t that same.  I’m convinced the milk is different there.  Probably extra full-fat.  =P

蚵仔麵線 [Oyster Vermicelli] or with large intestine, which I prefer
There’s a place called Ximending, which is kind of like the Taiwan Harajuku, and there’s a shop called 阿宗面線 that specializes in this dish, but with the intestines.  It’s not really vermicelli but a type of thin noodle called misua.  It’s SO good with lots of black vinegar and cilantro and chili.

燒仙草 [Hot Grass Jelly]
This is also another dish that has gotten easier to find here but it’s only available in Taipei in the winter.  When hot the jelly is more of a gooey soup, and the vendor/shops will add things into it, as you would for shaved ice.  I would always add mung bean, red (azuki) bean, boba or the sweet potato balls.  YUM.  When I left Taipei, I was desperate to find it in some form, and was able to find a mix.  Now I think Chinatown shops sell it in packets.

燒餅油條 [Fried cruller in this flaky flatbread] with 豆漿 [Soy Milk]
A typical Taiwanese breakfast.  You can dip the cruller sandwich into the hot and slightly sweetened soy milk.  The combination just melts in your mouth, its so good.  We used to eat this at home when we were younger – until my mom probably decided it was too much of a pain to go to Flushing each weekend to get the goods.

Here are some others that can be found here or my mom can make it for me:
皮蛋瘦肉粥 [Century Egg with Pork Rice Porridge]
牛肉麵 [Beef Noodle Soup]
包子 [Buns….any kind!]
豬血糕 [Pork Blood & Rice] – kind of like soondae?

To be edited….with more selections and pictures (hopefully) when I return!


A Packing List

I hate packing light.  But this trip to Thailand/Taiwan and its mulitple flights with its different checked baggage limitations means I can only do the ONE checked bag.  And that’s the biggest suitcase we own.  Whenever I plan for a trip, I inventory the clothes so I know I have enough outfits to last me the entire trip.  On this one, I’ll definitely need to rewear things a few times and try to find somewhere to do laundry.

That’s 1 medium hardcase, 1 small carry on, 1 camera bag, 1 duffel carry on and a backpack (not pictured).

Want to see what’s in them?  I only inventoried my stuff, not Pooh’s.  He has so little its ridiculous.  Except for the shoes–he’s got five pairs, same as me. 

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