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A Packing List

I hate packing light.  But this trip to Thailand/Taiwan and its mulitple flights with its different checked baggage limitations means I can only do the ONE checked bag.  And that’s the biggest suitcase we own.  Whenever I plan for a trip, I inventory the clothes so I know I have enough outfits to last me the entire trip.  On this one, I’ll definitely need to rewear things a few times and try to find somewhere to do laundry.

That’s 1 medium hardcase, 1 small carry on, 1 camera bag, 1 duffel carry on and a backpack (not pictured).

Want to see what’s in them?  I only inventoried my stuff, not Pooh’s.  He has so little its ridiculous.  Except for the shoes–he’s got five pairs, same as me. 

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