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The title refers to the bridal salon I visited yesterday.  It’s a very small boutique located in the basement and first floor of a quaint West Village townhouse that only just opened in April 2010.  They carry just a few lines, but there’s a good range for all budgets. The layout of the shop is a bit cramped but the upstairs, where the three dressing rooms are?  It’s beautifully decorated and spacious.

This post isn’t meant to be a review of my experience there, although I guess it would be hard for me to not make a few comments.  Overall, I enjoyed myself and really liked my SA.  I think they could work just a bit on their hospitality.  We were about 5 minutes early, and aside from asking my name, the SA that opened the door didn’t say much else.  It just seemed strange to allow your new brides to walk into the shop and not suggest we look around while we wait, or to ask if we need water.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the J.Crew experience.

Enough of that and onto the pictures!  I tried on 5 dresses:  2 short and 3 long.  I’m only posting up the two favorites right now.  Short dresses are really cute, but when else am I going to get to wear a long white gown?

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A Wedding Dress Post

After a couple months’ hiatus, I guess its time for me to look at wedding dresses again.  Now that we’ve decided that our plans will be local and more casual than the traditional wedding, I won’t need anything too formal.  I think I still want a long gown, but some of the short/mini wedding dresses out there are just so cute!  Maybe I can get away with two, if I have a dinner AND the cocktail party?

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