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Ruffles + chandeliers + cowls

I just used my Anthro birthday discount last week. Of course, there is still more that I want. Of course.


How many days until Christmas?

I’m feeling a little left out from the various Christmas posts, so I’ve decided to get in the spirit.  Of wanting, not giving, unfortunately.

Apple Macbook Pro 13″

I do have good reasons for needing a new computer.  My Macbook no longer recognizes its battery, which means every time I accidentally pull out the magnetic charger, my computer shuts down.  I can’t upgrade to an iPhone 4 unless I have a higher OS.  And most of all, I just want it. Good enough, yes?

Dear birthday fairy

I’ll take one of these, please.


To be continued…

All elbows



Ohhhh how I love elbow patches! Want want want!

If only…

Sometimes, I play a little game in which I fill up my online shopping cart to my heart’s content – a harmless virtual shopping spree. The only hard part is remembering not to click “Place Order” when I’m done (harder than one might think). I first started out today’s game with an allowance of $500. Then I lifted the monetary restrictions and instructed myself to choose just 5 items. Then I decided 5 items looked funny in a collage, so I threw in one extra, to make 6.

So voilà…today’s installment of “If only I had an extra $738 (pre-shipping/pre-tax) to throw around…”


I love these pieces from Heath Ceramics’ latest limited edition collection. The bright, happy colors make me think of summer! Maybe I can convince Roo to come with me to check out their store this weekend so I can ogle properly in person.

Maybe I am a polka dot bikini girl, after all…

I am feeling like I need some motivation to get in shape. Maybe getting a swimsuit and seeing how (bad) I look in it will do the trick.

Doesn’t this ON one piece look kind of cute? But it’ll probably just hide the tummy (yes!) and I’m not sure the boning in the sides will be comfortable.

I would actually get these polka dot ones from the Gap in a snap (ooh rhyme), if only there was padding in the top.  Love the bows, but I need padding.