new year, new goals

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, but did want to bang out some things I’m hoping to accomplish this year. I want the goals to be concrete and measurable (not “be a better person,” etc.) so I can see how I’ve done by the time January 2013 arrives.

  1. read (at least) 1 book a month (12 in 2012)
  2. organize my iTunes library
  3. travel somewhere NEW
  4. do a major closet (this includes shoes, bags) purge and consign/sell/donate
  5. meticulously keep track of every new thing I buy (I tried to start this last year and fizzled out) and evaluate month by month
  6. learn more about finances/investing
  7. no more buying cosmetics, skin care until I use up what I have – try to use up 2 products/month, throw out what needs to be thrown out
  8. finally finish making abandoned photo books (Paris 2009, Paris/Stockholm 2010)
  9. learn how to use my camera
  10. start on decorating the place – framed photos, prints, paint, etc.
  11. be healthier – drink more water, eat healthier (meatless Mondays?), exercise more often (try to do the c25k program, walk at least 3x/week)
  12. try to cook more Korean food – try 1 new recipe a month?
  13. be a better person…

February purchases

I’ve been trying to keep strict tabs on purchases this year (especially clothes), in the hopes of being able to look back and make better choices. So here is everything I bought in February:

  • The gray tshirt is nice, and the buttons down the back are a cute detail. I would love it even more if it were a tad longer, but it’s no big deal.
  • I returned the sequin stripe tee because the color was way too close to my skin color, and it looked terrible on me. In retrospect, it also wasn’t worth $40 and would have been a pain to clean, so I’m glad I took it back.
  • The cardigan is great, except I just noticed yesterday that there’s one spot on the trim in the back where the stripes don’t match up, and it drives me a little crazy. Of course, I’ve already taken the tags off and worn it a couple times, so there’s nothing I can do except remember to examine every detail closer next time.
  • I love the necklace – adds a sparkly punch to any outfit.

Maybe I should lay off the stripes now. Easier said than done.

Purchase Du Jour

Banana Republic
Heritage Ruffle Peplum Jacket
Currently on sale

LOMP: 2/27 – 3/3

I’ve been cooking,but haven’t been keeping up with actually jotting them down.

Sunday 2/27
Beef & Vegetable Soup
Rice or Bread/Butter

Monday 2/28
String beans & chicken stirfry

Tuesday 3/1
Japanese ramen
with oden, egg & tomato

Wednesday 3/2
Thursday 3/3
Japanese Curry

The No Asshole Rule

This is a book by Robert I Sutton, PhD that I found interesting.  It’s about working with bullies, creeps, jerks, assholes  and how to survive them.   I’ve just browsed through a bit of it and (sadly) a lot of the anecdotes resonate with my own personal experience.  Here are a couple of lists:

How to Spot if a Person is an Asshole

Test 1: After talking to alleged asshole, does the “target” feel oppressed, humiliated, de-energized, or belittled by the person?  In particular, does the target feel worse about him/herself?

Test 2: Does the alleged asshole aim his or her venom at people who are less powerful rather than at those people who are more powerful?

The Dirty Dozen:  Common Everyday Actions That Assholes Use

1.  personal insults
2.  invading one’s personal territory
3.  uninvited personal contact
4.   threats and intimidation, both verbal and nonverbal
5.  sarcastic jokes and teasing used as insult delivery systems
6.  withering email flames
7.  status slaps intended to humiliate their victims
8.  public shaming of status degradation rituals
9.  rude interruptions
10.  two-faced attacks
11.  dirty looks
12.  treating people as if they are invisible

(excerpted from pages 9-10 of the book)
I’ll try to borrow the book again to summarize the survival tactics.

Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天)

My new drama love…. I even watched episode 1, in its entirety!  I marathoned 21 episodes in a span of 36 hours last weekend, but stalled with 4 episodes to go.  This always happens.  I’m not sure if its a way to put off the inevitable funk and withdrawal that occurs after a drama-crack marathon or to prolong the drama addiction.

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太完美 (Too Perfect)

Super Junior M is back!  This is the Mandarin sub-unit of Korea’s biggest boy band, and sometimes I think I like them better than the entire group of 13.  M has the addition of Taiwanese-Canadian Henry and Chinese Zhou-mi, and CSW is also in it!  I was especially excited to hear that Jay Chou had written a song for their new album.  And I love it – it sounds like classic Jay, almost 10 years ago.

The below isn’t the Jay song, but its the only one with an MV so far.  I didn’t like it at first, but then ended up singing it in the shower…

If you pronounce the title just a bit differently, it could mean “Taiwanese Girl.”  Ha!