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Bah, humbug

At least Gulez is trying to get into the holiday spirit.  I’ll just say right now that I’ll be the green guy below:

PS – Macy’s Herald Square is ALREADY all decked out for the holidays.  It probably was all done before Halloween!


FML, Jury Duty Edition

In the past 24 hours, I:

– had trouble sleeping yet again.
– get to Jury Duty way too early.
– had to ask things in front of everyone because I couldn’t hear everything.
– was the SECOND person to get called onto a selection panel.
– went through 2 rounds of questioning; much more personal than I thought and asked in front of everyone.
– realized that there is actually a chance I could be selected, begin worrying about being so behind at work and o.m.g., I actually have a work trip next week…whattodo, whatdoido, someonehelpmeeeeeee.
– had a mini-meltdown (with some teary eyes and hyperventilating) in front of the defense and the prosecution attorneys.

Not my finest moment.

This also means I get recalled in 3-6 months to try this all over again.  But now I know better and am going to try for a medical excusal.  That or I need an interpreter because somehow, I missed the part where they said potential jurors needed to be available for the subsequent 2-3 weeks after the selection.  They need to eff’ing provide ALL info in print.  NOT everyone can hear OR process information at the speed it was being given, via microphone to a crowd of 150-200.  If I can’t get that excusal, uhm, then perhaps I just don’t speak engleeeesh well enough, sir.

The icing on the cake?  I get caught in a torrential downpour on my way home – no cabs, no bus and too far to walk.

UGH.  Where’s my wine?  And my clonazepam???

Office moron

Ever wondered what I look like at work? Just look at that last frame. The similarity is uncanny. So so so happy tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully I’ll be back to posting and cooking next week. I’m still in major detox/veg mode, trying my best to recover from last weekend.

How I feel this morning

I need to get myself one of these.

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Twittering the day away

This ROB thing could get really addictive!!

Introducing ROB

The first of many, many times I will use this shiny new tag: ROB (ridiculous office behavior). [Sidenote: I am so loving the fact that we will need a glossary of terms for E404 soon!] I post this comic because it is SO PERFECT as an introductory illustration of a certain coworker, and my general attitude toward said coworker. So, um, can you guess which character I am?

Here’s a hint: I sent these to Roo, and much to his infinite amusement, he has actually started calling me ‘Rat.’ Hmph. Cute, huh?